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As we all know that our country is currently fighting the global pandemic Kovid-19 and due to that it has been locked down all over India at this time. A lot of problems are arising due to this lockdown but it is necessary because it is the only way to fight Kovid-19. So today I will tell you how you can use this lockdown properly and how you can make yourself better and better and better in 21 days by staying at your home.


Best Time to Prepare Yourself For your next Interview –

Friends, as you know that everyone accepts the 21 Day Challenge to change themselves, then this is a golden opportunity for you and you can take advantage of this opportunity and change yourself completely in these 21 days. Put your whole life into changing yourself. If you want a good job, then you can prepare for the interview and if you do business then you can prepare a strategy for how to grow your business after the end of this lockdown, and if you are in any other business So, you can also think about it very well because you have plenty of time to think and any business interview is only and only your mindset Depending on the vine. Make yourself very strong in this time.

Prepare for a job interview in this way :

Everyone wants a good job for success. But many times, even after getting all the quality, one does not get the desired job because he does not prepare for the job interview properly and then he has to face failure. During the job interview, the HR department notices your smallest thing. It is not enough to have your education qualification just for that job. So, today we are telling you some such tips, with the help of which you can prepare properly for job interview-

Read Full job descriptionThis is the first step of preparing for a job interview, which most people do not pay attention to and they have to lose the job they have got. So, before going to the job interview, read the job description correctly. It is not just limited to education qualification. Apart from this, you should know about other job requirements such as the quality and background details of the employer. The more in-depth you read the job description, the better you will know about that job post. Apart from this, it will also be very easy for you to understand what kind of questions will be asked during the job interview.

Complete Research : Whichever company you are applying for a job, you must first do thorough research about it. Actually, during a job interview in any company, it is definitely asked why you want to work in this company or why you want to do this job. You will be able to give the best answer to this question only if you have complete knowledge about the company.

Do Practice :  Many times it happens that when you go for an interview even after all the preparation, your confidence gets lost or your answers and body language become negative in panic. Therefore, practice to increase confidence and remove anxiety. When you answer again and again with this kind of mock interview, you get a confidence and then you do not hesitate during the job interview.

Other preparations : Apart from all these preparations, there are many such small preparations, which are very important for job interviews. For example, during the preparation of job interview, you must also read the hard copy of your resume. Many times, the interviewer asks some questions about your resume and if you make a mistake during that time, it reduces your credibility. Therefore, you should remember the details of the resume you have given in the company.
Your dressup should also be perfect for the interview. Also, you should have a hard copy of all the required documents. On the day of the interview, you arrive 15 minutes ahead of time. This will help you relax. Also your impression will remain.


How can I improve my confidence in interview?

There is a lack of confidence in many people, how do those people increase their confidence, in this article, we have brought the best information for you, 7 ways how to improve Self Confidence.

Friends, self-confidence is the name of the energy that gives a person the courage to do anything in this world, the biggest problem gets bowled down ahead of it, you can easily do any work if you have confidence in you. If not, then you cannot go much further.

Let’s talk about how you can improve your self confidence and get yourself and your work a new identity…

1) Focus on basic things : The first and most important point to increase your self-confidence is that you have to pay attention to your basic things… Suppose you do any work, you do business, do jobs, students, it is very important for everyone to know about their basic needs. It improves your confidence.

2) Start thinking in your mind Start Managing Your Mind : Start thinking about your work in mind… but in this how do we help you. Suppose you do something like: business, run a company, you are a teacher, you are a housewife, you work ….And so on.

Dear friends, whatever work is done first of all, its method comes in your mind only then you implement it… This implementation will first have to see a picture in your mind… which will help in improving your confidence.

3) Know your strengths and weaknesses : There is no human being in this world who is complete, there is a deficiency in everything, it is not a matter of panic, it happens to everyone… But the big thing is that you should know what is your strength and what is weakness. What is positive thinking and what is negativity after finding it out, your confidence will improve.

4) Experience Success : When the man gets success at that time, if he is asked about his confidence, then he will give the same answer, “I feel very good and I will work for my next target” … This is because he is saying Confidence is giving him strength… but when a person spreads, he should take a lesson from failure and remember his success because not all days are the same, in this way you should Will help to increase confidence.

5) Evaluate positive development : Focus on your good things, think about the good work you have done, consider them, understand their importance, make them your weapon for planning ahead. This will generate both strength and confidence in you… and you will be on your way to victory. Will be done.

6) Make yourself a positive role model : Make one person your role model in life, it means how you want to be, how to look, how your thoughts should be, how should be the identity of people in your mind… all these things that you want, your quality There should be already inside the model, only then you follow that person, then your confidence will improve.

7) Control Emotions Confidence : Very important thing, friends, the emotions (emotions) of man weakens the human, causing problems in decision making, so keep your emotion in control… if possible, end your emotion with the situation if needed otherwise Will hamper your hard decision.

Because friends, if you are not able to take a decision in time, then you may be at a loss due to which your confidence will fall down, then you will be able to control your emotion 100 percent.

How to improve your 7 ways to improve Self Confidence, tell us through comments how much you have benefited, so that we can know that we are going the right way by helping people. Thank you

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