How to become a commando in the Indian Army :-

How To Become a Commando Officer : If you want to become a commando in the army, then first you will have to appoint as a soldier or officer in the army. 

The Indian Army periodically issues notifications for recruitment of commandos.

One can apply for six months training in Special Forces Regiments to become a working soldier or officer commando.


The date of 29 September 2016 has been recorded forever in the history of the Indian Army,

because on this day the Special Forces Para Commandos of the 4th and 9th Battalions of the Northern Command of the Indian Army crossed the LoC and killed dozens of Pakistan’s terrorists.

In one such surgical strike, these para commandos entered Myanmar and destroyed the terrorist camps operating there.

In such a situation, it becomes necessary to know who are the para commandos, how are they formed and how are the trends?

Regarding this, you are going to detail it on this page.


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How To Become A PARA Commando Officer:-


Para commandos are selected in two ways, which are as follows –

  • Direct recruitment
  • By the Indian Army


Under direct recruitment, soldiers are recruited from civil by army rally. 

The Army Rally Para (Parachute) Commando Training Center is conducted at Bangalore, and the selected candidates undergo rigorous training of para commandos there.

In addition to Bangalore, soldiers with excellent training and physical standards are also sent to Para Training Center for training of para commandos.

If a soldier serving in the Indian Army wants to join the Para Regiment, he can apply as a volunteer.

To apply in this, the jawan has to take the recommendation of his commanding officer.

The commanding officer of any unit recommends the same soldier for para commando who is physically and mentally healthy.

Not all soldiers from the direct recruitment and the Indian Army are made Para Commando, only 2% to 5% of them are able to join Para Commando Special Force.

It is mandatory for any jawan to be a paratrooper before joining Para Commando Special Force.

For that, first they have to take training of paratrooper and clear the test of paratrooper.

Para Commando can apply for special force advanced training only after becoming a paratrooper.


Who are Para Commando :

Para Commando is the special forces unit of the parachute regiment of the Indian Army responsible for special operations, direct action, hostage problem, anti-terrorist operations, unconventional attacks, special reconnaissance operations, internal security abroad, crushing insurgency, detecting and destroying the enemy like the hardest things come.


Traning Of Para Commando :

The soldiers for para commandos are selected from their own units of para and other units of the army.

Its selection process lasts for a full three months. During this period, exhaustion, mental and physical torture etc. are passed through many difficult periods.

The day of the commando begins with a 60 to 65 kg body weight and a 20 km run.

The training of a para commando goes on for three and a half years along with the work. Even then, the commandos are updated according to the time.


A para commando is required to put at least 50 jumps from a height of 33 and a half thousand feet.

They are trained in the Air Force Para Training School, Agra. Naval diving school is trained in Kochi to fight in the water.

About 90 percent of the soldiers leave training during training. Many times, the soldiers also die during training.


Master in dealing with every situation :

Para commandos have to master handling any kind of situation. Another important is training, ambush the enemy from close range.

This is the most dangerous training. The enemy is ambushed and attacked in the middle of a dense forest.

For this, training to shoot at the enemy from close range is very important.

Combining the weight of the parachute and the weapon, a commando carries a weight of between 40 and 50 fifty kilograms.

When para commandos go to execute a special operation, a lot of preparation is done for it.


Salary of para commandos :

Para Commando gets increased to 7th Pay Commission, Rs 25000 per month for officer and Rs 17300 per month for JCO and other racks.

Apart from this, para commandos are also given allowance.

Here we have become para commandos and told about their training.

If you have any kind of question related to this information, or want to get any other information related to it, then you can ask through the comment box, we are waiting for your feedback and suggestions.


What are the types of commandos :

Special forces are responsible for making every country strong, due to which every country is emerging as a new power in front of the world.

Special military and defense forces make the honor of our country and a completely different identity in the world.

In India too, the security of the country is in the hands of these bravehearts.

Today, India is ready to deal with terrorist attacks, be it through Kashmir or China.

It will be a surprise to know that the Indian Commando Force gets less than half an hour to stay alert and to recover from the sudden attack of the enemy.


  • Marcos Commandos
  • Para commando
  • Garuda Commando Force
  • Nsg commandos
  • Fatal forces
  • Cobra Commando (File Photo)
  • Commandos forces of punjab
  • Kerala commandos


What is the work of commandos :

Commandos are trained to take “one shot to one life”. That is to make a terrorist dead by just firing a bullet in an emergency.

Commandos are also trained to target blindly, aim in the dark and in very low light.


What does commando mean ?

commando is a group of soldiers who have been specially trained to carry out surprise attacks. The hostages were freed in the commando raid. A commando is a soldier who is a member of a commando.



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