How to Become a Yoga Instructor?

These days, it seems that every other person is a certified yoga teacher. You may be wondering how to go about this yourself, or is it realistic. If you are passionate about the practice and hope to offer its benefits to others, then chances are that you are an ideal candidate. I do not recommend reading this post first: How do I know that I am ready for yoga teacher training?

If you find that you do not want to become a yoga teacher, know that you can still increase your practice and knowledge by enrolling in a training course: Why you want to do yoga teacher training, even if you do not want to become one Are you a yoga teacher?


How To Know If Yoga Teacher Training Is The Right Move For You


Now that you are sure you want to pursue certification, talk about how

At the time of this publication, there are no official legal requirements for certification anywhere in the world.

This essentially means that in order to learn to teach yoga, you have to choose the program that resonates and pursue it enthusiastically!

However, you want to choose a program officially recognized by the Yoga Alliance, an internationally recognized education and accreditation organization that has established a system of requirements for teachers and schools.

There are many different teacher training programs available around the world, offering certifications across a wide range of yoga styles and traditions.


Step by Step Guide that how to become a yoga Instructor? 

Becoming a certified yoga instructor can be a rewarding career that helps you earn and balance income and help others live healthy, relaxed and balanced lives.

The journey to become certified in yoga can be of short or long duration, but it depends on how you combine it with your current schedule and obligations.

Here are 5 steps to becoming a certified yoga teacher starting today.


1- First of all, decide what your yoga style will be?

There are many forms of yoga, some of which are as follows – vinayasa yoga, hath yoga, vikram yoga, shakti yoga and shivananda and ashtanga yoga.

It is important for you to know that personally you want to do yoga in case style.


2- And complete at least 200 hours yoga teacher training 

So let’s start with a 200-hour yoga teacher training course in which you will learn many forms of yoga and also learn about asanas and learn about modified forms of yoga. What is the benefit of yoga?

And you will also learn about the structure of the human body and at the same time you will also learn about the physiology of yoga and at the same time you will also read about the philosophy of yoga which will be related to the patanjali yoga sutra.

Apart from learning about science, technology and philosophy, you will practice the art of yoga for at least 2 hours per day.

While 200-hour yoga certification will allow eligibility for application as a yoga instructor for most establishments, 300-hour and 500-hour certificates can also be obtained.

A 300-hour yoga certificate can be obtained in daily life to learn more advanced techniques of yoga practice and yoga philosophy, and lifelong farming,

while 500-hour yoga certification for further progress, including training new yoga teachers gives permission.


3- And apply for a correct certification :-

Upon completing the programs that meet the guidelines set by the yoga alliance, you will have completed the most difficult and longest part of the process.

Yoga alliance graduates can then apply for a registered yoga teacher through america’s yoga lines.

Some employers do not require a correct proof, but if you have done a correct certification, then a table of more and more officers will open for you and you will also receive the following benefits.


  • An internationally recognized credit.
  • Access to free online workshops to keep your training up-to-date.
  • Inclusion in the right directory, which provides you with a public profile that you can share, allowing you to market yourself.
  • Invitations to related community events held in the area.
  • Discounts on yoga related products and services including apparel, insurance and business software.
  • Access to publications related to plus-subscription and practical yoga

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How long does it take to become a yoga instructor? :-

Being a yoga instructor is a very rewarding career, especially when you are fond of helping others mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

It is an opportunity to touch the life of any person in a positive way. Who teaches them to be resilient and who teaches them to build their strength and how to pursue their lives through a sense of unity with the lives of all.

Teaching yoga to others is a form of service and while it is a fun job. It is also a very serious and focused career.

Many people who want to become a yoga instructor often wonder how long it takes to become a certified instructor.

The answer varies depending on your level of commitment to learning how long it will take you to get the general criteria needed to be certified.

The average time to complete a 200-hour course is between three and five months. It can take from six months to a year to complete the 500-hour course level for successful completion.

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How do I get a yoga certification :-

First, decide on a style of yoga that you love that you want to do. If you enjoy sweating it out during your yoga practice, then the vinesa-style program will be suitable for you.

If you prefer to use Sahara in your practice, then go for an lyengar or therapeutic style program.

After completing your teacher training, you must register with the yoga alliance of america as a yoga teacher.

Once registered, you will be listed as a teacher in their global directory, who have met their minimum requirements for teaching and have completed their training with an officially registered yoga school.

Now you are ready to teach yoga. Remember that the role of the teacher is very important.


What’s Best: Short-term Intensive or Longer Duration :-

To become a yoga instructor is either a 3-month long course that runs only on weekends or a one-month course or self-paced online yoga teacher training (recently available due to COVID-19). Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of these options.

Short term or long term?

In the short term, the intensive course will definitely be a chance of a lifetime to fully immerse yourself in the yoga lifestyle, as you will have set aside all other obligations to be fully present during the course.

This allows you to focus more on what is being taught and what is happening, with minimal deviation from the outside world. The daily schedule, food, and environment are also specifically designed to encourage a great yogic experience.

The obvious downside to an intensive course is that you may simply be unable to keep such times away from work or other activities.

Delayed obligations can cause you stress throughout the course, which will be highly vengeful.

A long-term course that runs on certain weekends will not require you to take time off work, and you can likewise maintain your personal life outside of hours of training (if you still have energy!).

It would also be better for those who have family obligations and for whatever circumstances, cannot stay away from home for long.

Another benefit of the weekend course is that you will have more time between classes to absorb and process what you are being taught.

So you have more time to ask questions and clarify anything with your teachers.

However, a weekend course will not immerse you in the full experience of a yoga lifestyle, as the majority of the week is spent in the hustle and bustle of your normal lifestyle.

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How Much Does it Cost to Become a Yoga Instructor? :-

There is a ₹ 20000 fee for the certification that the student must pay. The teacher determines the student whether he can pay the fee for the teacher training certificate


Why 200 Hours?

During this 200-hour training, you will learn about yoga in depth, but also how to perform poses correctly according to your physical ability.

You will practice yoga for at least 2 hours daily, so you will really understand the mechanics of poses and the work they do, your physical health and strength will also improve.

You will also learn about anatomy and physiology, and will also learn about how they relate to yoga. The benefits and differences of poses will be discussed.

Once your physical practice is combined with knowledge of anatomy and physiology, the study of alignment in poses comes into play.

This is a very important aspect of any yoga teacher training course, as we practice yoga for health… not to injure ourselves!

There will also be sessions on philosophical aspects of yoga, which are based on eight parts of patanjali’s yoga.

Yoga is all about how to live in harmony with yourself and others, and during these darshan sessions, many questions will arise within you about how you are living and what changes you want to see in your life.

Then there is also the practice of pranayama (breathing technique). This is an important step towards the achievement of Samadhi (Divine union).

Your breath affects the quality of your physical, emotional and mental health. Therefore it is important to learn and understand the appropriate methods of practicing Pranayama.

Throughout the course you will immerse yourself in yoga. This is not only for your own benefit, but also of special benefit to others: you can only teach what you really understand.

Along the way, instructors will guide you on how to assess and adjust to others, including the use of Proper or appropriate verbal cues.

After completing the 200-hour program, some graduates may feel inclined to work with specific populations.

Several other extension programs are available for this – children’s yoga and prenatal yoga are examples of this. These programs are usually of short duration.



Q- How much do yoga instructors make per year?

Average Yoga Teacher Salary
Source Low Average $30k per year $38k per year
2018 Occupational Outlook Handbook $19,640 per year $39,210 per year $7.25 per hour $27.51 per hour


Q- What qualifications do you need to be a yoga instructor?

The British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Training Diploma includes 500 hours of training and takes at least two years (and up to four years) to complete.

Applicants are required to practice yoga for more than two years and often complete the BWY Foundation course (60 hours extra).


Q- Can a beginner do yoga teacher training?

There will be plenty of studios and classes that provide 200 hours of yoga teacher training for beginners and the style will vary from one studio to another and from one trainer to another.

As a rule of thumb, it is generally a good idea to start with a traditional hatha yoga course.


Q- Is yoga a good career?

At present, Yoga has a great impact on our life and it is very much in demand in today’s lifestyle and students are striving towards making a career in this field.

Professionals, who share their knowledge about the science of meditation and yoga, are called yoga teachers or yogis.


Q- How much does yoga teacher training cost?

There is a ₹ 20000 fee for the certification that the student must pay. The teacher determines the student whether he can pay the fee for the teacher training certificate


Will a Yoga Certification Make You a Great Yoga Teacher?

Formal yoga training is usually the first step to becoming a yoga teacher. But how often do you hear about people failing yoga teacher training? To be a great teacher, you have to earn it.

Upon completing a teacher training course, most people get some shock when they find out that they know so little! Yes, teacher training will provide you with a lot of knowledge, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, there are famous yoga teachers there. If they did not receive any formal training, then where does all this magic come from?

To be a great teacher, you have to be dedicated to participating in workshops, conducting your own research, and exploring yoga through reading books.

But most importantly, you have to learn from your experience. Yoga is an incredibly deep aspect of life; It is not limited to rugs only.

It also includes the fields of spiritual and philosophical. And no organization will be able to sign the certification of your spiritual development.

Being able to guide your students through a class and clarify what is really happening – what part of the body to feel how to get into the posture, etc. – requires a lot of experience on your part it occurs.

There is a lot of truth in the proverb, “A teacher can only guide his students as far as he experiences himself.”


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