How to become an IAS Officer :-

How to make a career in IAS : If the Government of India works to make and break any kind of policies, then the officers working in civil services work to implement those same policies in the state governments and the Center. We all know that the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the Civil Services Examination, and it is a difficult and prestigious examination of the country. Yet millions of young students from every corner of the country prepare for this exam and dream of becoming an IAS officer.

If we look at the process and nature of this exam, we will find that to get success in this exam, we need to prepare with a precise strategy and system. Generally, if a candidate starts preparing for this examination from graduation, then it is also possible that the chances of joining this service increase manifold, and the candidates can successfully determine their future in this prestigious service.

Study Material and Eligibility Criteria :

Mainly, to get success in this difficult exam, it is very important for the candidates to have discipline and patience along with academic qualifications, and a sensible candidate should decide that before starting the preparation for this exam, it should be determined that it has enough and proper qualification, There is discipline and patience, so that he can get definite success in this exam.

Generally, two to three years time is considered sufficient for the preparation of Civil Services Examination, but it is also necessary that a candidate should follow the basic needs and understanding of his reading / reading and its contents. If this happens, the chances of getting success in this exam are more increased, and this scheme can make and understand a candidate along with his graduate education.


Strategy determination to become an IAS Officer :

At the beginning of preparation for this exam, the candidate will first have to study NCERT books, so that the student will be able to develop their basic, analytical and language understanding and ability. At the same time, studying the syllabus of Civil Services Examination is also very important from the point of view of preparation for this examination, remember that according to the plan and strategy, all kinds of study work have to be complied with. It is generally found that many students choose one subject from the selected subjects in their undergraduate education for the main stage of this exam, and after determining the subject, the candidate starts studying the selected elective subject only because of his graduate education. Have to pay tax. For this, students can select books and study material according to that subject.


Some important things to remember :

Remember that the selection of subjects in this exam is a very important stage and on this your preparation and success are determined, so decide yourself while choosing the subject because studying any subject is not impossible, but the candidate’s subject in that subject Interest is the first and basic foundation of success. Due to the huge syllabus of Civil Services Examination, we have to study all year long, and therefore you will have to try hard to make this scheme successful and hence you will be able to complete this huge course successfully. Therefore, to increase the duration of study period gradually and instead of rhetorically examining the facts, understand its content and increase your conceptual understanding, only then it can be possible to succeed in this exam.


Eligibility Criteria and Salary Details of IAS :

For how to become an IAS officer, you must have all the information related to the eligibility criteria, age limit and exam. In this article, I will tell you what eligibility criteria has been set for becoming an IAS officer and what should be your age limit and in this article you will also provide some important tips based on which you can prepare for IAS and You can pass the IAS exam.

1-) Nationality :

The candidate must be a citizen of India. Apart from the citizens of Bhutan, Nepal and Tibetan refugees who came before 1 January 1962 can also apply for the examination. Also, candidates of Indian origin who have migrated from the counties of Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam and Myanmar etc. can apply.

2- Age Limit : 

The age of the candidate should be 21 years and the maximum age limit is 32 years. Age relaxation will be provided to the candidates of reserved classes.

Age Relaxation :

  • 5 Years – Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe (SC/ST)
  • 3 Years – Other Backward Classes (OBC)
  • 3 Years – Defence Services personnel
  • 5 Years – ex-servicemen including Commissioned Officers and ECOs/SSCOs 
  • 5 Years in the case of ECOs/SSCOs


3-) Educational Qualification :

Candidate should have graduated from any recognized university. The candidate who has done professional and technical course must also be from a recognized university. The candidate who is in the final year of graduation can also apply for the examination.

Number of efforts :

  • General: 6
  • SC / ST: No Limit
  • OBC: 9


Facilities and Salary Details of an IAS Officer :

Candidates are most keen to know the salary of an IAS officer. In this article, I will give you a full description of the salary of an IAS officer as well as full details of the facilities available to him. The basic salary of an IAS officer starts at around 56,100 ₹ per month, in addition TA DA and HRA are additional and for Cabinet Secretary this salary can go up to 250000. We are providing below IAS salary and full details of devotees through a table to explain you well.


Grade Post Old System New System
Grade Pay Pay Scale(INR) Pay Level Baisc Pay (INR)
Junior or Lower Time Scale ASP/SDM/ Asst. Commissioner 5400 15600 – 39100 10 56100
Senior Time Scale ADM/Deputy Secretary/ Undersecretary 6600 15600 – 39100 11 67700
Junior Administrative DM/ Joint Secretary/ Deputy Secretary 7600 15600 – 39100 12 78,800
Selection Grade DM/ Special Secretary cum director/ Director 8700 37400 – 67000 13 1,18,500
Selection Grade Divisional Commissioner/ Secretary Cum Commissioner/ Joint Secretary 8700 37400 – 67000 14 1,44,200
Super Time Scale Divisional Commissioner/ Principal Secretary/ Additional Secretary 12000 37400 – 67000 15 1,82,200
Above Super Time Scale Additional Chief Secretary NA 80000 (Fixed) 16 2,05,400
Apex Scale Chief Secretary NA 90000 (Fixed) 17 2,25,000
Cabinet Secretary Grade Cabinet Secretary of India NA 90000 (Fixed) 18 2,50,000


For which facilities are given to an IAS officer, I will give you a brief explanation through some points. Apart from this, you can read my other article for complete information, which describes only the facilities available to an IAS officer.

The facilities available to an IAS officer are as follows…

  • Residence 
  • Transportation
  • Service quarter
  • Security
  • Bill
  • journey
  • Domestic staff
  • Study leave
  • Unofficial profit


Exam Pattern and Syllabus Details of an IAS Officer :-

To become an IAS officer, first of all you have to pass the Union Public Service Commission Civil Services Exam and it is one of the best examinations in India. This exam is conducted all over the country and millions of candidates apply, but the rate of success in this is only one percent. You can succeed in this only if you do your preparation very diligently. The IAS exam is conducted in three parts – first the primary exam followed by the main exam and then the interview. Let me explain to you through a table which questions come from, how much time is there.


Paper Exam Schedule Syllabus Marks Time
Preliminary- Paper I May/June General Studies: Current Topics, History, Geography, Politics, etc 200 2 Hrs
Preliminary- Paper II May/June Comprehension and Analytical Ability 200 2 Hrs


Some Important Tips to become an IAS Officer :

  • It is true that it is also necessary to complete the college syllabus, but you can prepare for the IAS exam in the spare time you get from the college.
  • Prepare the timetable for the IAS exam, because only through the timetable can you make the most use of your time.
  • You can take advantage of age. Because the minimum age of the applicant to sit in the UPSC Civil Service Exam or for the post of IAS is 21 and maximum 32 years, in this case, if you are in the final year and you are 21 years, then you have more chances to sit in the IAS exam will meet.
  • Success in the IAS exam also depends on how proudly you take the mock test. During the preparation, do a mock test. This will give you an idea of ​​your preparation.
  • Newspaper will be your most useful preparation for IAS. Read newspapers very well everyday.
  • Keep the same subjects for IAS in which you are strong. Preparation will be easy.
  • For the preparation of IAS, always choose only good and authentic books. NCERT books can help you in this.
  • Group discussion proves most helpful in preparing for IAS. Do group discussion for at least one hour. Actually, such topics we remember for a long time, on which we talk about something. With this, if you have any doubt about the topic, then it also becomes clear.



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