How to get a job in police :-

In all the states of India, different age limits have been prescribed for police recruitment.

In most states, the age limit for recruitment of police is 18 to 27 years.

A provision has also been made to provide some age relaxation on the basis of reservation under police recruitment.

However, a provision has also been made to provide some age relaxation on the basis of reservation under police recruitmet.

India is a republic of states where each state has a reserve police force at the state level in terms of security of the state in order to run the democratic and judiciary smoothly.

Whose job is to serve for justice and law, in such a situation, youths also have the passion to serve the country by becoming police.

Due to which people want to become police and get recruited in the police service, from which these youngsters prepare for police recruitment.


Important tips to get police job :

The danger of the security of any country is greater than the danger faced by the people of the outer border.

Therefore, for the internal security and integrity of the country, the government of the country has formed a police department to deal with these threats and maintain peace in the country.

The main task of which is to fight the security challenges within the country and to prevent all kinds of wrong activities.

The country that has the least crime inside it, the more happy the country can be.


What is the police recruitment process :

Unemployment rate is much higher than the population in India, so many youths join the police service and move forward in their career while serving the country.

In such a situation, becoming the constable in the police is the first post that if a little hard work is done, one can be admitted to the police as a certain police constable.


Educational qualification get a job in police :

To be admitted to the police, the tenth and twelfth must be passed.

Therefore, for preparing for police recruitment, it is important to pass while studying well in 10 and 12 only then you can apply for police recruitment.


Age limit for police recruitment :

Educational qualification along with age limit should also be considered for police recruitment.

Therefore, if you apply for police recruitment, then your age should be between 18 to 23 years, then the maximum age of 27 years is also asked.

Therefore, whenever filling the form for police recruitment, attention should be given to the age limit given in the form.


Apart from this, if you come from the backward class caste (OBC), then there is a further relaxation of 3 years in the age limit.

Apart from this, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes get 5 years more leave.

That is, the age limit is given in the form, in which they add 3 years and 5 years more.

Therefore, before filling the form, read all these details carefully and it is very important to have a cost certificate to get rid of the age limit, only then you can get the exemption.


Height for police recruitment :

Height is a definite fix for police recruitment. Height is necessary for any security or army recruitment.

That is, if a male wants to be admitted to the police service, then its length is 165 centimeters whereas for a female police recruit it is mandatory for a woman to be 150 centimeters in length.

Which may have different standards of length in different states or relaxation may be increased in length on the basis of reservation.

Therefore, while applying the form, the details of the length sought should also be carefully checked.


Physical Qualification Ability for Police Recruitment :

As we all know, the task of the police is to stop the evils, crimes and crime in the society, for which it is very important to be fit.

If you remain fit then only you can be a qualified candidate for the police, so it is mandatory to have a certain length on one side.

Along with this, it is very important to have good physical fitness.


Therefore, it is also mandatory to pass the physical ability test during police recruitment, which is called Physical Test.

Only after removing them, you are selected for police recruitment.

After which one has to undergo training again, when you complete training, then you are appointed as police.

Therefore, it is mandatory to pass in physical ability, chest width, fit in medical test, Height all.


Selection Procedure of Police Recruitment :

You can get recruited in the police by following these procedures for getting admitted in the police.

  • It is compulsory to pass 10th and 12th, whereas graduation is preferred for many more posts of police, so to be admitted to the police, one must first complete the studies up to 12th standard.
  • After the completion of 18 years, apply for the police recruitment form and keep in mind the age limit sought while filling the form, Police Bharti Form can be done online or offline. UPSC exams can be done for police recruitment, after which IAS, IPS can be made, which is one of the most difficult exams, which is the exam at the graduation level.
  • Apart from this, for the lower rank of the police i.e. constable, you can fill the form in the state level State Police Service or can also be admitted to the police by vacancy through SSC.
  • After filling the form, after completing all the qualifications, a written examination will be called. In which multiple questions are asked from General Knowledge, General Awareness, Aptitude Test, which should be prepared in advance.
  • Physical test is called for after taking the written test. In which the physical examination of the candidate is done, in which the first race has to be run at a certain time. After which the medical and fitness test is then selected for the Police Bharti Interview.
  • After taking out the police recruitment interview, the candidate is selected for police recruitment, after which training is given. Upon completion of the training, the candidate is appointed to the police upon successful completion.


How to prepare for police recruitment <Important Tips for Police Recruiting> :

To be admitted to the police, it is mandatory to have both fitness and studies only then you can make your career in the police service.

  • Must pass 12th for police recruitment.
  • You must run 2 to 4 kilometers daily in the morning, so the better the race, the more important the race for police recruitment as it shows your fitness.
  • For good fitness, you should keep yourself away from intoxication, tobacco, or any kind of intoxication, then only you can pass the medical test.
  • Attention should be paid to preparing for written examination and interview for police recruitment
  • After taking out all the exams, we are sent for training, which is a type of fitness test. Therefore, there is nothing just by coming top in the race, the goal should be to remove further training only then you can get fully recruited in the police.



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