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Friends, in this article of today, I will tell you which activities are going on in the trends during lockdown at this time, people who are following too much. Those who want to achieve success in their life, how are they using this time in their own way. Today I will provide you the information of all these things in this article and I will also give you some important information about which businesses are at the biggest boom at the moment, which have benefited the most from this lockdown and how you can use this time. So that you can develop your personal skills too. Read this article carefully and I will tell you how to do practical.


Friends, as you may have come to know from the title of the article that I will tell you about the trends that are going on during the lockdown and today I will tell you how you can use this time for personal growth. So there are many trends going on in lockdown at the moment, like people are not going to gym and taking online classes, people are learning online dance to avoid getting bored sitting at home, people who want to grow their business Those people are taking online business classes, and those who want to increase their personal skills are sitting at home and practicing online English speaking. So here today I will tell you a lot of things that you can learn while sitting at home and you can completely change yourself during this lockdown.


How has online fitness business suddenly increased?

The lockdown has been done till 14 April in India to prevent the threat of corona virus. Although people are facing many problems due to this lockdown, there is nothing better than this to protect against this dangerous virus. The 21-day lockdown is making it difficult for people to cut their time. In such a situation, many people are spending all the time in mobile or TV.
But apart from mobile and TV, there are other things that people do not feel boredom during lockdown. People are taking care of their health at home through YouTube or some other way. Eating nutritious food at home. Due to all this, online fitness business has increased in the country. According to the International Health, Racquet and Sports Club Association, the fitness industry, which was worth $ 95 billion in 2018, has grown significantly.


People taking online classes :

The routine of people has changed completely due to living in homes. Previously, where people used to go to gym in the morning or evening, now they are getting up at home every morning and doing exercises or yoga. For this, they are also taking online classes. Gym trainers and yoga experts are getting people to exercise online. Also, you are doing good health by watching exercise videos on YouTube.

Not only yoga and exercise, people are also trying to stay healthy by mediation. For this too, they have kept trainers. For some time, people were doing more exercise, yoga and meditation to stay fit. That is, the fitness business was growing. Now, when people are unable to go to the gym due to the lockdown, the online fitness business has grown considerably.

In addition to exercise, people have started eating more nutritious food than before in lockdown. Earlier people used to go out of the house every day for work, then they would eat something from outside. But now that all the shops are closed, people are making nutritious food at home. His health is getting better. People are searching for its method online to make food with less oil and full of nutrition. Also getting advice from dietician.


How you can utilize this time for your personal growth :

Self-identification of self i.e. the interview of inner strength. Inner power is the living power of man, on the strength of which he performs such tasks, which are amazing. If a man is determined then he can do any work easily. The first need is to identify oneself. In human life one has to choose between two stairs. Those two steps are success and failure. Some human beings who are engaged in the task of making life successful from the beginning, they go on climbing the ladder of success by increasing their qualities. They have the ability to overcome the obstacles encountered in the walkway. They easily overcome the biggest obstacle. This is because these obstacles motivate them to move forward. Failure also motivates humans to success.



I will give you some tips, keeping in mind that you can make a good career in the coming time and you can make good use of this time which you will remember throughout your life. The details of which are as follows…..

1- ) Set smart goals available for the future

Many of us have set our goals that we want to reach in life. So how do you go about this successfully? If you really want to reach your goals, one of the best methods of goal setting is to set achievable goals for the future. Take some time to research the dreams you need to find out if they are possible. You want to challenge yourself, but you do not want to make the goals so difficult that you only experience failure. To ensure maximum success, ensure that your goals meet the following criteria. 

Each goal that you do should be very specific in nature. If you really want to be sure to reach the goal, then you need to know when you reach it. Instead of saying “I want to start a business”, say what kind of business you want to start. Imagine and identify whose customers you want to be. The more you can see that picture, the more solid the target will become.

2- ) Always keep your personal development plan updated :

A personal development plan does not have to be complicated. It can be as simple as a list of goals or targets. But it should be a realistic guide that helps you achieve those goals.

Here is a small example that I hope will demonstrate exactly why!

A few years ago I decided to start a website and blog. This site was never popular. ‘Individually branded’ sites. There are many people who do not make headlines, but simply want to share great information, news and articles with others.

All were swimming together. The site was very well received and an upward curve. My mother then suffered a disease that required full-time care. There was no question of what would happen. Health is one thing that we often neglect in the pursuit of wealth. You can always get your money, but never take care of your health.
Over the next three and a half years the site took a back seat as a caretaker for my beloved mother. Those years were some of the best times we spent together. When he passed away, I knew she was not unhappy, had made peace with her creator and was in a better place.

3- ) Understand the importance of time :

Are you not able to complete your work on time even after trying a lot? We talk about the correct use or importance of time (How to Understand the Importance of Time in Hindi), but do we also know correctly what time is called?

The importance of time varies from moment to moment in life. Sometimes time is very precious for life, sometimes it is worthless. For a young child – time is short. For a teen or young age – time is full of excitement, fun, excitement. For an adult – time is full of work and for the elderly – time is excessive.

You must have heard a saying! The arrow missing from the bow, the word coming out of the mouth and the time spent never return. Time is very important in running your life properly. To use it, it is most important to understand the main priorities of your life and complete them at the right time. You can achieve success in all areas of your life only by the proper use of time.

4- ) Give your life to complete your work :

Give importance to your tasks and think of completing them without laziness. Finish the work as soon as possible.

5- ) Divide your work into categories :

For example, the first is “completing the most important tasks”, the second “completing the necessary tasks” and the third “completing the remaining tasks”. By doing this you will be able to understand which task is more important to you and which task should be given priority first.

6- ) Stay away from uninvited guests :

There are some people who do not complete their work on their own and by stopping the work of others, they also destroy their time. The more distance you keep from such people, the better it is for you. Every hour of our life is valuable for us. Sitting in a hotel and drinking tea and talking about stupid things is not going to get any better. If you give time to these types of people in your life, then it is believed that the promise you have made to fulfill your dreams is false.

7- ) Sleep well at night :

It is said that the mind of a well-served body works very fast and vigorously. This increases your productivity and productivity.

8- ) Keep yourself fit :

Exercise regularly, do yoga and eat the right foods to keep your body healthy forever.

9- ) Use unused time too :

While waiting for a train like your unproductive time or waiting in the doctor’s clinic. You can read some good enlightening books at such places or listen to an Inspirational or Motivational CD or Audio.

By bringing these things in your life, you can complete all your main tasks in the right time.

Note : Remember “if you waste time, time will waste you”. Send us your suggestions and comments through your Comment.



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