PMEGP Loan Scheme :

PMEGP Loan : Dear countrymen, all of you will be very happy to know that the government has started the PMEGP / pmegp loan scheme.

The main objective of which is to liberate people from unemployment, under the PMEGP / pmegp scheme, loans will be provided to unemployed youth.

Under this, loans ranging from 25 lakh to 10 lakh will be given.

The aim of the government is that those unemployed youth can start any business by taking loans and get rid of unemployment because the government believes that if our country remains unemployed, it will not be able to progress.

That is why the government has started the PMEGP / pmegp loan scheme to further expand its name and business.

Because the government believes that there is a lot of talent among the youth of our country but due to lack of money, they are unable to start any new business.

But now this will not happen under PMEGP / pmegp scheme, you can start a new business by taking a loan.


What is PMEGP Loan Scheme < Apply For Loan > :-

Friends, now all of you must be thinking what is PMEGP / pmegp scheme? And how can we take advantage of that? Let us tell you that under the PMEGP / pmegp scheme, loans will be disbursed to the youth so that they can start their business and the country. To overcome unemployment.


Eligibility For PMEGP Loan Scheme :-

Friends, if you want to take a loan to do business, then you should be eligible for it first. We are telling you below, what will be the eligibility for that?

  • The age of the applicant should be above 18 years.
  • To take a pgemp loan, at least one must have passed eighth.
  • This loan will also be given to start a new business. This loan is not given to pursue an old business.
  • If you have applied for any other government then you will not be given a loan.


Papers required for PGEMP LOAN :

  • Ethnic community certificate, or any other document authorized, that identifies the applicant for a PMEGP loan under one of the specific applicant categories.
  • Claim for subsidy for which they are eligible.
  • Certified copy of bye-laws, in case of society or institution.
  • Project costs with capital expenditure and working capital requirements.
  • Applicants may include the cost of any work or space rented or building, provided the total amount of such rent / lease does not exceed 3 years.
    Land cost may not be included in the project cost.
  • 10% of the project cost will have to be matched to the applicant’s own contribution for the general category. For the weaker section, 5% of the project cost should be its own contribution.


How much loan will be received from pmegp loan amount / pmegp loan?

Friends, now we will tell you how much loan you will be given to trade, so that you can start a new business.

  • The person in open category will get 25% subsidy for starting an industry in rural department and 15% subsidy for starting an industry in urban department, in which you will have to raise 10% of the money yourself.
  • Person of special category / OBC ex serviceman will get 35% subsidy for starting an industry in rural department and 25% subsidy for starting an industry in urban department, in which you will have to raise 5% of the money yourself.


Objectives of PMEGP Loan Scheme :-

PMEGP loan has four main objectives:

  • To create new self-employment micro industries or projects to generate employment in rural and urban areas.
  • Bringing together traditional artisans and unemployed youth widely scattered in both rural and urban areas and creating self-employment avenues.
  • Providing permanent employment, seeking employment to prevent migration of rural people to cities.
  • This is especially for those traditional artisans, prospective artisans and rural-urban unemployed youth who remain unemployed for the rest of the year by doing traditional or skilled employment.
  • To increase the earning capacity of artisans, increase the growth rate of rural and urban employment.


Financial assistance under PMEGP loan Scheme :

The PMEGP loan scheme helps people financially on various parameters. However, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) are included in this scheme.

The amount of contribution from the applicant is 10% for general category and 5% for special categories such as SC / ST / OBC, Minorities, Women, Ex-Defense Staff, Physically Handicapped and People of North East Region, Hills And border area etc.

The rate of subsidy will be 15% for general category in urban areas and 25% in rural areas. For special categories of people, subsidy from the government will be 25% for urban areas and 35% for rural places.


What kind of industries can be covered under PMEGP Loan Scheme? 

  • Mineral based industry
  • Forested industry
  • Agricultural based
  • Food industry
  • Sion based industry
  • Engineering and non-conventional energy
  • Textile Industries (except Khadi)
  • Service industry


How to apply for PMEGP Loan Scheme?

Friends, if you want to take a loan for business, then you have to click here.

  • On clicking on the website, you will have the application form open.
    Fill all the information in it carefully.
  • The PMEGP LOAN application form is sent by the KVIC to the District Office for approval.
  • From there you will be sent to your bank / BANK for investigation.
  • If all your documents are found right in the bank, then you are given a loan so that you can start your new business.


Note : 

  • The eligible person can avail pmegp loan through pmegp online application.
  • In the loan given under the pmegp scheme, you will get a subsidy of 15 to 35%.
  • The entire loan process in the pmegp e portal has been done online and you will be able to know your application status from the pmegp e tracking link.
  • Many new jobs have been provided so far by this scheme of Pradhan Mantri, hope that many people will get jobs with pmegp scheme.
  • You can contact Business Expert Advisor Neha Nagar for any information related to this loan and you can connect with them through their website


Important Details :- To avail pmegp loan scheme immediately, you can contact the given number and you can contact us immediately for any information related to business and taxation.

Email – [email protected]

Mobile Number8287967704 




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