We all know that “our first effect is the final effect” but have you noticed why it is so? So today I am going to tell you how some of our past work that we do has an impact on our present day life.

That is, what you have done before, how they will impact in your life today.

You people know that in this time of competition, every person wants to bring themselves ahead of others, because of bringing them forward, people want that their first impression on meeting any big person is that they Always remember until further.

And some people believe that if our first perception towards someone is good, then it can be sustained even though it may or may not.


What is the first impression? :-

So the first question that arises here in front of us is that what is the first impression? So let’s first consider what is the first impression?

Psychologists believe that the first impression is the idea that we form about another person when we meet for the first time.

Meaning that when we meet a person for the first time and the first thought that comes to our mind after meeting him is called first impression.

You all know that each person thinks differently, so it cannot be the same for any person, for any two different persons.


And let me tell you that what is our first impression is just a little tricky, a little bit tricky.

It can sometimes be a little unpredictable and something that is misunderstood for us,

In other words, if I say for you it may be a little surprising that what you thought about someone without meeting you is not what you get.

And let me tell you that a very big philosopher “Will Rogers” says that for the first time you will not get a chance to make an impact on any other person.

That is, you will not get a chance to make a first impression on any influential person.


Is the first impression really the last impression?:-

Let me tell you what is the first impression so far? What is first impression? Now I will talk about whether our first impression is really the last impression?

That what happens when we meet a person for the first time and the effect we have on him is always the same?

Does his opinion change for us when we meet him in our future meetings or not, now I would like to share some facts about these important things.


In this world, when someone praises us, we change our perspective for the person in front of us for some time. And when the same person criticizes us, we change our perspective again for that person.

You will try to understand my point that human nature is the tendency of man that whenever a person praises him, he is happy and whenever any person criticizes him, he is unhappy.

Because of which it would not be perfectly appropriate to take this decision at the very beginning that whatever you come in the first time to leave your influence on a person will always remain the same.

As I told you earlier, some people believe that what you make about a person will last till the end, but it may or may not happen.

But I believe that the first very good impression that you have made about a person and if you do not act accordingly, I will remain till the end.

If I tell you on the basis of my experience, any person can turn the wind of either side in his direction by turning his efforts into opportunity.


Why does our impression matter?

Let me explain this to you with a very good example. See, all of you have studied from some school and all of you must have given the board examinations.

And do you know how marking is done in board exams? – Let me explain to you for example- There are some children whose writing is very good but they do not know the answer to any question as well as it does to a very clever child.

You think that there are two children, First one writing is good and second one is a little bad, but the one who has good writing does not know the answer to all the questions, just on the basis of something being written and the other is a child whose writing is something It is not very good but the answer to each question is very good, just the way of presenting it is not as good as the way of writing, so you have often seen that children whose writing is very good, they get good marks in the exam.

From my example you must have understood why our first impression is important for us.

The answer to our first question in the exam determines how we may have answered the following questions.

And at that time you will definitely understand that – “First impression is last impression”



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