Who is RJ Raghav?

Today I am going to introduce you to RJ Raghav from Kanpur. So in today’s interview we will know how he became RJ Raghav from Raghav and how was his journey so far.

How was his journey from being famous on Instagram to hosting a morning show at Kanpur Radio City.

Is there a change in his RJ’s career after becoming famous on Instagram? Raghav’s story is not an ordinary story. He has seen many straggles in his life, cash strapped, no one to earn at home and he did not even know when he became RJ in Radio City during his graduation and then he took his job of this RJ to business and Selected as a career.


RJ Raghav Full Interview :-

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Radio Jockey Course By RJ Raghav :-

For those who want to get into the creative field or want to become a radio jockey, RJ Raghav is bringing a course called How to become a Radio Jockey (RJ) and he will explain the entire process of becoming a radio jockey in it.

He will tell you that what are the qualities that you must have in order to become an RJ.

How you can become a good RJ. He also told us about what you have to take special care before joining any course related to media anywhere.


RJ Ragha Working Experience :-

It has been 12 years since Raghav has been working as an RJ and he will teach you through some videos what experiences and experiences he has learned in this 12 years of his job.


About RJ Raghav’s Personal Life :-

Raghav also shared some funny stories with us in his interview, such as whether he has a girlfriend or not? Or when will he get married? And he also told us openly about what the incident happened to him in his journey so far. The girl you see with Raghav in the video, is he really his wife or not?

RJ Raghav was born on 5 June 1995. He is a radio jockey, anchor from Niwari Kalan, a live event presenter, Etawah. As a child, he was living in a rented house in Gwalior. Raghav struggled a lot to earn bread for his family.

RJ Raghav is also known as Rangbaaz, Phani, Alsi, Bhakuali, Teda Prani, Vitti, Helping and the Creature of UP (You to show sunkar pata chalega).

He has 12 years of experience in this field. Now, she is a renowned radio jockey who works very hard in her career. He works hard to support his family. He has an exciting story about this famous radio jockey.

He completed his basic education from Gwalior and graduated in commerce and mass communication (science) from Mohanlal Sukhadia University with higher education from Kanpur University.


How to become a Radio Jockey(RJ) :-

The radio is back. 

If it did not, we would not be writing about becoming a Radio Jockey (RJ) in 2020. A radio jockey is a new figure. Today everyone wants to be one. And we’ll show how you can be one.

Although it is not so easy. Like all things great, it takes time. But it is available.

If you think that you are a scapegoat and fit for a radio jockey job, then you may be wrong. Chatterbox is a good skill for radio, but not without substance.

The good news is that you do not need to be highly educated to become a radio jockey or RJ, but you do need some skills and basic education.

Therefore, if one wants to start his career as a radio jockey, he must first complete a bachelor’s degree or bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication.

Secondly, an internship can take an aspirant in the right direction as it provides practical performance.

Also, to make progress in this career one must make great professional contacts as referrals work wonders at times. Networking is the key.

However, referral only works when you are great at what you do. It is a highly creative field, some of the qualities required are imagination, intelligence, out of the box thinking and a voice that can move people. Not necessarily in that order.

If you are really serious about following your passion for a radio jockey job, this is where you should get a professional degree to become a radio jockey.


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