Work From From Home Jobs in India :-

Get Jobs from home : In the current situation, people want to get at least some small work that can be done at home so that they can earn something.

Along with this, there are also many people who want to work part time and work part time together, so that the family can get more help.

So in this article today, we will tell you about all the work that you can do at home in a part time manner.

Get work from home jobs :

The unemployment issue in India is so big that many educated youth are turning to earning money online. In this article I will talk about how you can work from home sitting and earn from ₹ 10000 to ₹ 90000 per month.

After learning which skills you can earn good money sitting at home, read this article carefully.


1-) Freelance writing for get work from home jobs :

In today’s era, the freedom of freelance writing is being seen on everyone’s face because due to the age of the Internet, everyone is starting their own small business, due to which these people hire people who are home So that we can sit and work.

However, there are many big websites which also have freelancers. You can also earn money by writing articles for any newspaper.

Today, all the articles we see or read on the Internet, all the content writers write.

Freelance writing and content writing are the same thing. In this, you can do the job while sitting at home, but want to work in the office, then you can get jobs in such places too.

In such a job, the website people can tell you to write on any topic, so you also have to write according to their instructions. Website people give you money as per their rates.

Today, if we tell you what we have learned, then we give 60 to 70 rupees on an article of 300 to 350 words.

Overall, you can earn 5 to 6 thousand working from the comfort of the month and if this is to make your career, then you can earn up to 15000 easily by working more hard at home.

However, you must have good writing skills, meaning it is important to have good writing.

On the other hand, if you write for a newspaper, then a good amount of money can be found on one article only. Yes, many big and small news companies take freelance articles and give them 1000 to 5000 money.

Also, if you want to interview a particular person, then giving them a chance, they give a good amount.Overall, freelance writing sitting at home is a good way to earn money.


How to get freelance job :

It is also a big question that how will the freelance writer get the job. So this is also not so difficult because many job portals advertise for it, in which they can apply by doing this job.

Also, you can ask them on the companies’ websites or social media.


2-) Open your own store by becoming a makeup artist / hair stylist :

Makeup artist is very much in demand in the film industry today, but this work is not done from home, but you can do it sitting at home. Also, the hair stylist is also in great demand.

But if you want to earn money by doing makeup and hair stylist at home or want to keep your passion alive then you can start your own store at home.

In this, if you live in the city, more work will be done because the practice of makeup in villages is not so much. However, you can become a hairstylist anywhere.

In this, you can earn 10 to 15 thousand a month and can earn more than this. Also, when your name increases, then requests can be started from any big place. After this, you can earn a good amount.


3-) Photo selling :-

You must have also heard about photo selling many times and have seen that whenever you download photos on the internet, they ask for money instead of downloads, this is called photo selling.

Photo selling means selling your own photo. Yes, it is quite possible and you can too.

If you have a good camera or mobile and are also fond of taking photographs, then you can sell it to anyone.

Also today, there are many websites on the Internet where you can earn a good amount by uploading.

On the Internet, you have probably heard the name of big websites like GettyImage, Shutterstock and there are many other sites where a lot of money is available on buying every photo. Apart from this, you can also sell photos by starting your own site.


4-) Show art as a painter to find work from home jobs in india :

This art is not available in everyone, but those who do this work can earn a lot of money sitting at home.

The cost of painting is very high and you too must have heard many times because it is made by hand only, due to which it costs a lot.

In today’s era, the painter is not so much because of this, if you have this ability, then you can easily do this work sitting at home. The paintings of big painters are sold in millions today and are also spoken on.

If you want to earn some money in this field, then you will have to be very active on social media and show your painting so that people can join you.

After this, orders will start coming to you. Overall, those who know to do petting and sitting at home and want to earn some more money with their jobs, then this is a good opportunity.


5-) Home packing work :

Be it wedding, birthday, omen, anniversary, new home entrance or other family event, everyone brings a gift because more than these gifts looks better.

These gifts may be small or big but their packing must be good. If the packaging of the gift is good, then attention is paid to everyone. Earlier, people did not put much emphasis on packaging, but now people’s thinking has changed.

Some people have even got separate packaging done. Even in small towns, people have started packing the goods for weddings or other small events.

Also, today a lot of people are getting employment which is a very good option. Yes, women and girls mostly like to do this work sitting at home because it is not such a difficult task and earns a lot of money.

What happens in it is that if any customer comes to you for packing something well, then you can get good money by doing this work.

You can also do this part time with your full time job so that the family can get more help.


6-) Sewing work at home :

Go anywhere women are less than anyone today. It is true that today women are advancing equal to men in every field.

Well now let’s talk about sewing, so if you also know how to sew properly, you can earn a lot in it. Yes ofcourse.

Today, all the clothes we wear have been stitched by someone, and you can not turn away from this. You can do sewing at home and earn a lot of money.

On the other hand, if you start getting good response, then you can open your own big shop and hire people to give them employment.

There is also no need to do some such studies in sewing because in this you have to sew clothes and nothing else.

However, there must also be some education. So in this you can earn a considerable amount on a daily basis.

Note :– We hope that now you too can do some of these jobs sitting at home, and you can earn a good amount by doing these jobs as part time with the main job or job. If you want to know more, you can comment on us and click on the button below to join Facebook.


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