These online jobs from home pay $10,000 per month :

Who does not want to be the master of his will. Earned money sitting at home. About 1.5 crore urban Indians dream this. It is revealed by a report.

According to Freelancer Income Around the World Report 2018, the number of such people is increasing. These are self-employed people. Indian economy is getting strength from them.

Jyoti Vora is one of them. Today she is making decent money with her love of cooking.

For this, they have resorted to ‘social dining’. It is also known as ‘home pop-ups’. In this, she hosts unfamiliar guests at home with Gujarati dishes.

He has also started a small catering business. Vora says that she earns up to around Rs 12,000 in every event from the catering business.

I will provide you complete training to make money from these online jobs. There is no investment at all for any online job.


14 Legit Online Jobs from Home :

I will also show you my favorite online jobs first and then other online jobs that are legitimate, but I am not currently focusing there.


 1-) Blogging :


Blogging is also a great way to earn money. In this, you have to write a blog continuously.

After which you will get money on every blog under Google Adsense. For this, your blog also needs to be somewhat popular.


 2-) Online Ad Clicking Jobs :


This is the easiest online job because even a 10 year old child can do so. Here, you have to link to some legal sites that pay to click and read advertisements.

Earning $ 250 to $ 500 is easier than working 15-20 minutes on these sites.

I have been continuously working on some legal sites for the last 2-4 years and earning a monthly income of 4 from these sites.

I have made over $ 60,000 from one such site. Trust me, I have never worked more than 10 minutes on this site to make this income.

I will show you 5 such legal sites including this above site where you can work with good income.

Just 4 simple ways to earn from these online jobs-

  1. Join some legit PTC sites (It’s free to join)
  2. Login to your account daily.
  3. View ads & complete other tasks.
  4. Get paid instantly


3-) Online Survey Jobs :

Surveys are the best way to earn money. Companies pay for survey from home.

In this, you have to answer about the product or any service. With this, companies learn about their product and increase its sales.


4-) Affiliate Marketing :



Affiliate marketing is another favorite online job on my list and you can earn around $ 2500 per month promoting various affiliate programs.

This year I am more focused on affiliate marketing and my goal is to cross $ 10000 per month with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing means being affiliated with online merchants like Amazon, CJ, MaxBouty etc. and promoting their products so that more and more people can buy it.

Whenever someone completes your promotion like signing up on a merchant website and buying something from the website, you get a commission.


5-) Online Freelancing Jobs :

You can set your own conditions for doing this work. You can do many things including writing, coding, designing, videography and photography for someone else from home.

I used to do freelancing work a few years ago but I quit it because I was busy with my other online jobs.


6-) Online Jobs with YouTube :

YouTube is growing more than ever and has become a major source of revenue for many YouTubers.

I also have a Youtube channel that is not monetized yet, but I have received approval for the YouTube Partner Program and I am thinking that I will create and upload more videos on YouTube this year and YouTube has earned a good amount Let me focus on myself.


7-) Online Writing Jobs :

I told you in my article above that I used to work freelancing before and used to write blocks for a lot of my clients. My client used to provide me from $ 20 to $ 50 for 500 words.

The payment was dependent on the quality of the content and the type of contact.

There is a lot of demand for jobs like writing online blogs today, because at this time big businessmen and good companies do not have enough time to write blogs for themselves, so they can higher online blog writers and content writers for work.

 so this can also be a very good source of earning for you.


😎 Captcha Online Jobs :

If you want to find a job online very easily, then captcha entry is a very good option for you. You can earn $ 200 to $ 500 per month by working 2 hours a day as a captcha solver.

I have never worked as a capture solver because it is a very low paying job.

Many career-swift readers are earning a decent income through this job.

If you want to earn money through some other means other than online job then you have to register for free with some legal capture entry sites.

After registering you will be given a username and password and you can login to your account.

You will get continuous capture images. You just have to type the text from those images and submit.

Your typing speed should be very good to earn good from captcha entry online job.


9-) Online Data Entry Jobs :

Online data entry job is a very good job. However I have never done an online data entry job because I never get free time from my other online jobs.

But there are hundreds of companies that offer online data entry jobs.

To get an online data entry job, you must first do your registration on the sites and signup on such websites is always free.

We have collected many such sides where you can find online data entry jobs. For which I will write a separate article in which you will give all the information.


10-) Online Jobs on Smartphone :


Whether you use an Android phone or iPhone with both phones, you get a very good job opportunity online.

Both mobile apps pay for you some simple tasks that you can do.

We have shortlisted some such mobile apps on which you can earn very good money by working and there are thousands of satisfied customers.

You can install these apps in your smartphone and earn money from it.

You can earn money through these apps by playing games for free, watching some videos and giving your review on some videos.


11-) Amazon Online Jobs :

You know that Amazon offers very simple opportunities for online jobs.

mTurk is an Amazon company where you can earn a lot of money by working online and you do not have to complete huge tasks to earn that money.

You can earn money online to complete small tasks. You can sign up with Amazon Mechanical Turk as a worker and after completing some simple tasks you can start earning money in peace.

If you need more sites like mTurk, then you should check mTurk options.


12-) Online Tutoring Jobs – 

If your hobby is to teach tuition then this is a good opportunity for you because all the colleges and schools are closed at this time and everyone is watching online tuition.

you can earn upto the 10 $ per hour by teaching online.

i write an another article on how to get online tution, where you can get online tution job.


13-)  Make Money on Fiverr :-

I have been working as a salesperson on Fiverr for a long time and this is a very good website where you can earn a very good income.

Fiverr is a great opportunity for those who want to make some extra income.

On Fiverr you can join as a vendor and provide hundreds of different services. On Fiverr you may be paid from $ 5 to $ 100 for completing a small task.

I have written several articles about it which will tell you how to work online.


14-) Online Transcription Jobs :

Transcription simply means receiving raw data from audio or video and converting it into text.

If you want to find a very good online job then you should have good ability to listen and type well. Only then you can get a very good online job.



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