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Today I am going to introduce you to international poet Ankita Singh. She is a poet by profession and has studied engineering. In this interview, we talked a lot about Ankita Singh ji and tried to know about her. How is her thought process when she writes her poems? She writes her poems on the ways in which she thinks.

If I talk about her life, she usually likes to talk very little and likes to live in seclusion more.

She believes that when I live in solitude away from the crowd, she is able to think very well and she can give that thought to her poems.

She became more popular when she recited poetry from the stage of Dubai which was moderated by Dr. Kumar Vishwas and people started inviting her to her poets’ conferences.

Although she used to attend many seminars earlier, after this conference she became more discussed. In this interview, you will get many more special information related to his life.


Who is Ankita Singh ? Ankita Singh Biography :-

Ankita Singh Ji was born into a literature and creative family and did engineering in his studies, but after some time she chose poetry as his career and passion.

It was his love for literature and a quest to bring back the old glorious days of genuine and authentic Hindi poetry that dared him to travel less. In a small scope of her poetic journey, she has been able to establish herself as one of the most famous Hindi poetry faces in India today.

She has also participated in most of the major literary events in India and has represented India on global stages.

She has shared the stage with many of India’s best and well-known poets. If I talk about his academic achievement, he is a gold medalist in BSc Mathematics and after that he has done Master in Computer Applications and also qualified NET.

If I talk about his academic achievement, se is a gold medalist in BSc Mathematics and after that she has done Master in Computer Applications and also qualified NET.

She used many mediums to showcase his creative personality and used many mediums to express his emotions, such as painting, dancing and writing being one of them.

Traveling, reading books and writing poems is one of them if I talk about their hobbies and they also have a deep interest in meditation and spirituality. They have the ability to think quickly in any situation.


Ankita Singh Full Interview :-

In today’s video I am going to introduce you to Ankita Singh. You must have seen them reciting poems on the stage many times till now and have heard their poems. Today I will try to connect you with #Ankita_Singh_live_interview.

This interview has been done with Motivational Purpose that you guys can become an aspirant. If you keep your goal focused and keep working continuously, then you definitely achieve success one day.

To watch similar #motivational_interviews, subscribe to the channel and today you will get to know Ankita Singh’s journey from_an_engineer_to_a_Poet.

Friends, today I have brought the #interview_of_Ankita_Singh. #Ankita_Singh ji is known to all of you, who is always in discussion about his poems, mostly he writes poems of Shringar Rasa which is highly appreciated by the audience and by the audience. A very #famous_poem_written_by_Ankita_Singh ji is #तेरी_DP_को_Zoom_करती_हूँ . In today’s interview, we will know how he traveled from an engineer to a poet and when he started writing poems.Some untold, unheard things and poems with poetess Ankita Singh

Ankita Singh ji became more famous when she read her poem Main Teri DP Zoom karti hoon from Dubai stage. And that Kavi Sammelan was conducted by Dr. Kumar Viswas. Ankita Singh ji is often seen sharing the stage with Dr. Kumar Viswas.



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Lyrics of mai teri dp ko zoom Karti hu :-

गजल:- मैं तुम को याद करती हूं
अकेले बैठकर तुमको कभी जब याद करती हूं,
मैं तुम को याद करती हूं….
मैं रोना-मुस्कुराना हाय दोनों साथ करती हूं।

यहीं सोफे पे बैठे, सात अंबर घूम आती हूं,
तुम्हारा नाम चखती हूं नशे में झूम जाती हूं।
कहां हूं मैं..? जहां मेरी खबर मुझ तक नहीं आती,
क्या मेरी गुमशुदी की ये खबर तुम तक नहीं जाती।
गली दिल की तुम्हारी याद से आबाद करती हूं,
अकेले बैठकर तुमको कभी जब याद करती हूं।।

तेरा जाना मेरी आंखों में प्यासे ख्वाब बोता है
तेरा तकिया लिपट कर मुझसे सारी रात सोता है।
तेरी खुशबू मेरी सांसो की गलियों में टहलती है,
बड़ी कमबख्त है ये आग, आंखों में पिघलती है।
मैं सारी रात, सोना-जागना एक साथ करती हूं
अकेले बैठकर तुमको कभी जब याद करती हूं ।।

तेरी बातों के फूलों से गजल मखदूम करती हूं
मैं चुपके से तेरी DP 👬 को जब भी जूम करती हूं।
तेरे फुके हुए सिगरेट में अक्सर आंख होती हूं
तेरी लत में कभी धूँआ, कभी मैं ख़ाक होती हूं
मैं अपने जख्म पे अश्कों की खुद बरसात करती हूं।
मैं रोना मुस्कुराना हाय दोनों साथ करती हूं,
अकेले बैठकर तुमको कभी जब याद करती हूं।।
🙏अंकिता सिंह जी🙏


Ankita Singh Biography :-

Full Name/Real Name Ankita Singh
Familiar name Ankit
Nationality Indian
Religion Hinduism


Birth Date 25 December
Age Not Known
Birthplace Gaya, Bihar, India
Home Town Gaya, Bihar
Sign of the Zodiac Capricorn


Heights in centimeters- 165 cm
in meters- 1.65 m
in feet & inches- 5’ 5”
Weight in Kilograms- 78 kg
in Pounds- 172 lbs
Body Measurements 38-26-37
Eye Colour Black
Hair Color Black


Marital Status Married
Relationship Not Known
Hobbies Traveling, Reading books, Writing poems
Favorite thing/Person Civil Servant (IAS)
Family Dhirendra Lodha


School Names Creane Memorial High School, Gaya
Collge Mody Institute of Technology and Science (MITS), Sikar, Rajasthan
Educational Qualifications / Educational Level Not Found



Q- The birthplace of Ankita Singh?

Answer- The birthplace of Ankita Singh is Gaya, Bihar, India.

Q– The religious belief of Ankita Singh?

Answe :- She believes in Hinduism.


Q- What is the net worth of Ankita Singh?

Answer-  The net worth is ₹80 crore (as in 2014).


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